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About Us

The idea of ​​More Home was born on an afternoon walk in the picturesque streets of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Beautiful houses without curtains, lots of flowers and our footsteps stop in front of a brand name that freed our imagination.

... more decoration

... more beauty

... more madam

The next meeting with Danish Madam Stoltz was decisive.

Unique people, excellent collaborators and

... more creation

... more madam stoltz and finally

... more home

So we undertook its representation and distribution throughout Greece

Retail stores, decorators, architects, hotels met the company and included our objects

in their premises or concepts.

In December 2014 we opened our natural store in Homer 19, in our beloved Nea Smyrn
i, in the Retail Market.

Since then our company has become a brand leader in the hotel market.

Over the next few years, our partnerships have expanded with several other

companies, stepping up every day to new aesthetic stairs with ecological awareness and respect for human work.

Since 2016 we have also entered the field of production. With new creations, we have touched on both the Greek and the international market, taking part in large exhibitions abroad, presenting our handmade products.

At the moment our collections are exhibited in stores, except Greece in Germany, Italy and Spain ...

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